Pineapple-Ananas Comosus-Outdoor Fruit Plant

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Pineapple plant (Ananas comosus) is valued ornamental and fruit bearing species.

  • Pineapple plant (Scientifically known as Ananas comosus), is actually a terrestrial bromeliad that is native to Brazil. This fruit was widely distributed due to colonization across South American regions with Ships sailing around the world. They can be recognized with their distinctive appearance. That consist of foliage appears as a basal rosette topped on pineapple fruits. These plants also bear an inflorescent large blossom of Red or Purple flowers. Pineapple bearing plant is both excellent as an ornamental landscape land and even as excellent fruits. With less hassle could be grown in warm greenhouses or in outdoor protected locations. These Pineapple fruits are widely raised in tropical regions and are delicious sweet, desert fruits that have big value in the commercial fruit market.

Health benefits involved around Pineapple plant (Ananas comosus).

  • Apart from being delicious, their fruits are valuable in many other cases. They are highly nutritious with nutrients like Carbs, Fiber, Vitamin C, Manganese, Vitamin B6, Copper, Thiamine, folate, potassium and iron. And so, it could be very beneficial in cases for dietary regulation. The fruits also consist of Antioxidants, that could help to deal with chronic inflammation and a weakened immune system. They got certain enzymes that could ease digestion and are so very helpful for people who are suffering from pancreatic insufficiency. Consumption of these fruits may also reduce the risk of cancer and ease the symptoms of Arthritis.

Pineapple plant (Ananas comosus) care.

  • Ananas comosus are mostly grown around tropical regions but are a bit intolerant to frost climate, it's not healthy or stable for this plant to hit from temperature below 15.55 degree Celsius. They must be kept in presence of full sunlight. And water them enough to keep their soil moist, but not wet. The soil on which they are supposed to be planted must be well-drained. And in terms of feeding, use organic fertilizers. 

It’s not a Pet-friendly plant. 

  • Although they are not toxic entirely, but they do contain a certain milky sap that emerges when you pick a ripe fig, they could provoke some allergic reactions when come under direct contact with skin. And usually before consumption, their core, seeds and prickly skins are removed, which are in fact toxic to consume. Therefore, it’s not safe to keep them around your children or pets.

Prompt Plant Delivery.

  • Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centres, that will get your plant delivery to your door steps with free plastic pots for plants. Pineapple plant (Ananas comosus) could also be presented as eco-friendly gifts or green giftings to any enthusiastic green thumb individuals.