Plant Maintenance Service

Plantsworld offers efficient and experienced indoor and outdoor plants maintenance services for your home and offices in Dubai.

What do we really do?

We offer a full spectrum of maintenance options. You can turn your ordinary space into an attractive one that lives the green life. Our technicians are experts specialised in the installation, designing, and maintenance of interior plants which ensures your plant life will continue to look beautiful and live for long periods of time. The eight major areas which our team concern when it comes to caring for and maintaining the plants are moisture, light, soil, temperature, humidity, fertilisers, potting, and pest control.

Why Choose Our Plants Maintenance Services?

  • Gardening Care


    Our team comprises experienced horticulturists and landscape professionals who are passionate about plants. They have in-depth knowledge of various plant species and their unique care requirements.

  • Potting new plant

    Customised Care:

    We believe in tailor-made solutions. Your plants have specific needs, and we create maintenance plans that cater to their individual requirements, ensuring they flourish in their environment.

  • Man watering a plant

    Healthy Plants, Beautiful Spaces:

    Our primary goal is to keep your plants healthy and your outdoor spaces stunning. We understand that well-maintained greenery enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property.

  • Hand holding a plant

    Sustainable Practices:

     We are committed to eco-friendly and sustainable maintenance practices. Our team uses organic fertilisers, efficient watering techniques, and pest management strategies that are gentle on the environment.

  • Plant maintenance

    Timely Service:

    We offer regular maintenance schedules to ensure your plants receive the care they need when they need it. From pruning and weeding to seasonal planting, we've got you covered.

Our Plants Maintenance Services Include:

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Benefits of Our Plants Maintenance Services

  • Vibrant and healthy plants
  • Attractive and well-kept outdoor spaces
  • Increased property value
  • Expert care tailored to your plants' needs
  • More time for you to enjoy your garden

Our Plant Maintenance Guarantee

Our efficient maintenance is there to ensure that your plants continue to create a positive environment for you. We visit regularly to feed and tidy them and make sure they’re up to scratch.