M-Impact ‚An Organic Insecticide‚-500 ml - Plant Care

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M-Impact is meant to be an eco-friendly solution to control sucking insects. It is an effective formulation mix of medicinal plant-based phenylpropanoids and terpenoids. The usage of M-Impact could help to reduce crop losses and to provide economic benefits to farmers, reduce or control soil pollution and to ensure food safety and security in a safer way. M-Impact is a Knockdown of  Organic Insecticide And Miticide.


Why use M-Impact?

In general insects that sucks the sap out of plants are mainly responsible for heavy crop losses in agriculture. Examples like Spider mite, aphid, mealybug, scale insect and whitefly are major culprits. They infect various crops like fiber crops, floriculture, forest crops and ornamental. Sucking insects sucks plant’s sap and causes chlorosis, which would adversely affect photosynthesis. These insects are difficult to control due to their high reproductive potential, and ability to coexist in overlapping generations. These insects have high adaptation and worldwide distribution potential. Some of them protect themselves underneath white powdery coatings they form, which keeps them protected from natural enemies and insecticides.

Mode of Action:

M-Impact is contact poison, antifeedant and fumigant. Its active ingredients are biodegradables, and are eco-friendly with safety towards non-target insects like honeybees and earthworms. M-Impact controls adults, and eggs by sucking insects.

Target Pest:

Spider mite, aphid, jassid, scale insect, mealybug, whitefly and leaf miner

Salient Features:

They are Knock down in action.
Triple mode action: Contact, stomach poison and then fumigant.
Triple control: Which consists of controlling nymph, adult and egg stage.
Better mortality and coverage with less spray solution.
Eco-friendly, biodegradable and safer to beneficial and non target insects.
Internationally accepted.
Recommended to use in Organic Agriculture.
Listed in OMRI & UAE Organic.
Controls sucking insects and mite by contact, then fumigant and then antifeedant action.
Bitter taste of these insecticides deters insects from feeding and results death by starvation.


M-Impact is useful in various crops like forest crops, floriculture, ornamental and nursery fiber garden etc.

Method of Use & Dose:

Foliar Spray:

*Mix 1 ml of M-Impact solution in 1 litre of water.
*Repeat the spray for at least 2-3 days if heavy infestation has occurred.
*Cover the full plant with spray all around.
*Adjust pH of proxy solution of about 6 or 7.
*Spray especially during Morning or evening hours
*Avoid from Spraying during hot or too cold climates.



0.5 to 1ml/ Litre


*Spray especially during Morning or evening hours and avoid during hot or too cold climate.
*Cover the full plant with spray all around.
*Adjust pH of proxy solution of about 6 or 7.
*Do not use surfactant or spreader or sticker along with M-Impact.
*Read the product’s text on it’s label before any use.
*Do not use edible crops like fruits and vegetables.