Express Organic Agriculture Conditioner

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What is Express. Are any field tests being conducted?

According to a United Arab Emirates ministry of Environment and Water investigation of pesticide residues, Express is a natural crop conditioner derived from medicinal herbs and free of any chemical additives.
Because it includes up to 90% organic material from natural sources, it can be utilized as 100% natural organic fertilizer.
Because its granules adhere to the surface of the leaves, it can be used as a natural pesticide to treat plants with insect infestations.
Regarding the field trials that were carried out, numerous studies have been documented with a number of encouraging findings in the execution of various agricultural insects on fruit trees, legumes, and vegetables grown in greenhouses or open fields.

Is Express registered in the UAE?

Express has a certificate of registration no. 25/2010 and is listed at the Ministry of Environment and Water in the United Arab Emirates as an organic soil-conditioner devoid of chemical additions and derived from plant sources.


What types of insects is Express able to control? How does it function?

Express can be used to manage a variety of agricultural insects on vegetables, fruit trees, and legumes, including leafminers, fruit flies, white flies, mites, and green and black aphids.
A concentration of 100 grams in 10-15 liters of water has been shown to have an effect on the red palm weevil bug when used as a spray, Ta'feer, or irrigation system. Additionally, it effectively affects the palm-borne insect mite dust.
Water-soluble express granules adhere to the surface of the leaf, suffocate insects, and keep them from getting to the young leaves.


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