Disper Cab Sinergy (Qty-1kg) - Plant Care Growth Essential

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DISPER CaB Sinergy is recommended for crops when they requires of high-demand during moments of higher needs, especially during early fruit setting stage, which usually is followed by flowering stage. The highest effectiveness is obtained during foliar applications, since boron and calcium are of low mobile elements present in the plant.
This product is used to correct and prevent any kind of boron and calcium deficiencies. Calcium is essential to maintain the rigidity of the plant tissues, because it is part of the protopectin, a cementing agent responsible for maintaining the cells united. It also has an important role in the growth of the meristems, in the mitotic division and in the regulation of the osmotic pressure of the cell. On the other hand, contribution of boron could not be neglected as it is useful for synthesis of the cell wall and its membrane, and with the union of calcium, it also conforms to be part of these structures. In moments of cell division, it is an indispensable element, and so why it is essential in the process of fruit setting. The lack of these elements may cause several problems in the fruits (like rots,necrosis, deformations, low size, cracking) which seriously affects crop quality and harvest.

DISPER CaB Sinergy is formulated in the form of GRANULES which are totally soluble in water with advanced Fluid Bed technology (WSG-FB), of easy manipulation, being able to be useful in all types of pulverization or irrigation system, since they are free of powder and don’t form any kind of lumps.

Additional information (in regard to Doses):

Pulverization: 100 gm/100 liters. In case of higher needs, apply 150 gm/100 liters.  It is highly recommended to engage with several treatments at low dose.
Fertigation: Make applications of about 1 to 2 kg/ha, for every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the crop conditions.
The number of applications depends on the sensibility and lack of the crop.

Made in Spain