Christ Plant - Euphorbia Milii

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Known for its long-lasting flowering and rare-to-find ornamental features.

  • Crown of thorns plants (Euphorbia milii) are one of the rarest evergreen shrubs that consist of distinct leathery bright green leaves and blooming tiny flowers that are held together in a cluster. These flowers are actually bracts suspended and are available in eye-catching colours, like pink, red, yellow or red. Crown of thorns plants (Euphorbia milii), usually grow up to 90 -180 cm and spread 45-90 cm wide. In addition to these, they are tolerant to drought or any poor soil conditions. With all these features Crown of thorns plant is widely known for their thorny appearance along with year-round blooming ability.

Easy to care, and tolerant to drought or any poor soil conditions.

  • Crown of thorns plants (Euphorbia milii) will perform well when kept in presence of bright light to full sunlight. Allow soil to dry out between watering. Avoid water on leaves and stems, causing any kind of fungal infections. Also avoid overwater that may cause the root to rot. Soil on which they are supposed to be planted must be well-drained. For Euphorbia milii cactus potting mix will work. Ideal temperature for growth is 16 to 24 degree Celsius, but during winter season rest at 13 degree Celsius will help to promote flowers. And in terms of feeding, use Balance liquid fertilizer. During spring to fall feed every 2 weeks. But in winter feed them monthly.

It's not a pet-friendly plant.

  • All parts of this plant are poisonous. And are also thorny, so need to be careful when handled. Hence, this plant is not advisable to be planted nearby children or pets.

Prompt Product Delivery.

  • Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centres, that will get your plant delivery to your door steps with free plastic pots for plants. Crown of thorns plants (Euphorbia milii) could also be presented as eco-friendly gifts or green giftings to any enthusiastic green thumb individuals.