Fito Carnation Giant Carmine

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Brief on Product: Carnation Giant Carmine.

  • This flowering species is also commonly known as Bellflower. And this flowering plant is very easy to grow and also has a showy feature. Very popular choice for Landscapes. Carnation Giant carmine blossom will usually last throughout the summer season, and is mostly characterized by cup-shaped, white or vivid blue flowers held on short stems with heart shaped bright green leaves. Their flowers are of strong fragrance and could be best in use to perfume any room. The flowers of Carnation Giant carmine could also be made responsible for attracting bees to your outdoor garden, adding to its natural beauty. They could be very useful as in containers, window boxes and hanging baskets. Perfect for edging, borders and rock gardens, etc.  

Campanula are easy to care for.

  • They could survive in shade, but thrive well in the presence of full sunlight. Water them abundantly but do avoid water-logging. Once they get mature, they could tolerate drought. The soil on which they are supposed to sow must be well-drained and fertile. Their growth prefers monsoon climate, and could tolerate temperature up to 18 degree Celsius. In terms of feeding, use any organic fertilizers especially during its growing cycle.  

It’s not a Pet-friendly plant.

  • Either as seeds or even in the form of grown plants, these are toxic on ingestion. Therefore, it must be kept away from the reach of your children or pets.

Prompt Plant Delivery.

  • Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centres, that will get your plant delivery to your door steps with free plastic pots for plants. These Carnation Giant carmine flowering plant seeds could also be presented as eco-friendly gifts or green giftings to any enthusiastic green thumb individuals.