Anthurium- In Decor Pot

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Brief Description of Anthurium plant:

  • Most Anthurium species can be grown for houseplants or outdoors purposes as they could withstand Mild climates in Shady areas. And so, for similar reasons, the Anthurium plant could be considered as an elegant indoor plant, which is well known for ornamental values. This plant's presence symbolizes hospitality. Anthurium Andreanum also is known as The Flamingo Flower due to its appearance. It has dark-green leaves that grow up to 18 cm long and surround the upright flower stems. One could fill its space with such eye-catching indoor flowering plants, that generally bloom year-round and prefers the UAE climate especially. It could make an impressive display in your living room. Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centers, that will get your plant delivered to your doorsteps with free plastic pots for plants. Anthurium plants could also be presented as eco-friendly gifts or green giftings to any enthusiastic green thumb individuals.

Anthurium plants are of high Ornamental values:

  • They got their common name as The Flamingo Flower due to its appearance. It has dark-green leaves that grow up to 18 cm long and surround the upright flower stems. The main reason for their attractiveness is spathes which are often considered flowers by mistake. And true flowers are actually contained in the dense spirals on the spadix. These spadices are often elongated into a spike shape, and just beneath the spadix are the spathe, a type of bract which is considered flowers. And they are rarely adaptable to the climate outside UAE.

Anthurium plant is an Excellent air purifying indoor plant:

  • It has been proven by NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) that keeping Anthurium Andreanum (Flamingo Flower) as an indoor plant could result in good air quality in your surroundings. This is because they are best at absorbing formaldehyde coming out of electronics or laptops and it also cleans up other harmful toxins. Thus, making an excellent environment for your indoor spaces.

Low maintenance required and easy to care plant:

  • This indoor flowering plant could perform well in Natural indirect or artificial bright light. Apply water (150 ml) only when topsoil (7 – 10 cm) in the pot feels dry on your touch. And soil must be well-drained and rich in organic content. The ideal temperature for Anthurium Andreanum (Flamingo Flower) is 18 to 30 degrees Celsius. It is preferable to apply Organic fertilizer once a month, especially during the growing season (February to September).

Not Pet-friendly and is toxic to living beings:

  • Anthurium leaves are generally poisonous.  It’s due to the presence of calcium oxalate crystals in them. These indoor flowering plants should be kept away from pets and babies, as any kind of chew on its foliage could cause a burn inside the mouth and urgent medical attention is required. It is preferable if you handle these plants with hand gloves, as any contact to direct skin could cause skin irritation.