Microgreen Grow Kit

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About The Product 


The seeds and grow medium in the microgreen grow kits are entirely organic, making them 100% biodegradable.For kids and young at heart, the microgreen grow kits make the ideal return gift. Make it the next ever thank-you gift that never stops. includes a range of microgreen seeds, which are a fantastic source of goodness & health. A kit that presents as a classy and unique gift! These Grow Kits contain traditionally produced, pure, non-hybrid seed varieties free of genetic modifications and genetically modified organisms. Growing one's own food promotes a spiritual experience that is necessary for a soulful existence in addition to being a healthful habit

Its Consist Of ;

1 - Soil

2 - Seeds 

3 - Fertilizers 



When can I take the lid off?

To ensure that the seeds germinate, a climate that is both humid and dark is ideal. It is crucial to cover the container for the initial two to four days. Look under the lid occasionally to see if the seeds have a small stem. After that, the cover can be taken off to allow the microgreens to develop into wholesome, fresh seasonings.

Which material is used to make the cup?

The lid and cup are disposable, environmentally friendly and legally produced items. They have an FSC certificate and are composed of cardboard that has been BIO coated with virgin fiber.

What is the duration needed to cultivate microgreens?

That varies somewhat depending on the conditions and the kind of microgreens. Do the seeds receive enough light and water after the lid is removed, and are they saturated during germination? After that, in roughly 7 days, the microgreens are ready for harvest.


How to use?

- Open the container, and sow the seeds to the cup
- Generously spray water on the seeds until its completely wet.
- Close the container with the lid provided and keep it in a cool place.
- Every day open the container and if you find its dry, spray the water again.
- With in 3-4 days, the seeds will sprout and on the 4th day, open the container lid and place it in a spot where it received adequate amount of light.
- The microgreens would be ready to harvest with in 7-9 days.