Repotting Service


Are The Plants Growing Too Big For Their Pots?

Let us assist! Give your plants the room they require to flourish with Plantworld's hassle-free repotting service.

  • Slow-acting fertilizer
  • Complete plant cleaning
  • Nursery pot (if required)
  • premium mixture of potting soil


One important but sometimes ignored part of caring for your plants is repotting them. Many plant lovers, whether novice or seasoned gardeners, might not understand the value of repotting or the proper way to accomplish it. We will go over the hows and whys of repotting your cherished plants in this extensive guide to make sure they stay healthy and keep growing.

Why Repotting Is Important:

Repotting is more than just a decorative project. It offers several advantages that improve the health of your plant

Better Root Health:

As a plant ages, its roots may become root-bound, which makes it more difficult for the plant to take in nutrients and water. Repotting promotes the development of robust, colorful roots.

Enhanced Growth:

Your plants can grow bigger and more vigorously in a larger pot if they have enough room to spread their roots.

Prevention of Problems:

By revitalizing the soil and improving drainage, repotting helps avoid problems like soggy soil and fungal infections.

Repotting Risk Handling:

In many cases, accidental/Internal Crack breakages during repotting would be considered as collateral Damage. The new pot charges will bear equaly by us and customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Office Plant Care and Maintenance Service FAQ

How often will my office plants be serviced?

Our maintenance services typically include scheduled visits, and the frequency depends on the specific needs of your plants and office environment. We'll work with you to establish a suitable maintenance schedule.

What does your office plant maintenance service cover?

Our comprehensive service includes watering, fertilizing, pruning, pest control, and general plant care. We aim to ensure your office plants not only survive but thrive in their environment.

How do you determine the watering needs of each plant?

Our experienced team assesses each plant's specific watering requirements based on factors such as plant type, size, and environmental conditions. We tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of your office greenery.

Can you recommend suitable plants for our office environment?

Absolutely! As part of our service, we can provide recommendations for office plants that thrive in your specific lighting conditions and space. We'll consider aesthetics, maintenance requirements, and overall well-being of the plants.

What measures do you take to prevent and address pest issues?

We implement proactive pest control measures during our routine maintenance visits. In case of infestations, we use environmentally friendly solutions such as insecticidal soaps or neem oil to address the problem promptly.

How do you ensure the health of our office plants during vacations or holidays?

If you anticipate being away, we can arrange for additional care during your absence. This may include extra watering, monitoring for any signs of stress, and taking preventive measures to maintain plant health.

Can you assist with the placement and arrangement of office plants?

Certainly! We'll work with you to strategically place and arrange plants to enhance the overall aesthetics of your office space. Proper placement takes into account lighting conditions and the visual appeal of each plant.

How do I get started with your office plant maintenance service?

Getting started is easy! Simply contact us to schedule a consultation. We'll assess your office environment, discuss your preferences and requirements, and tailor a maintenance plan that suits your needs.

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