Banana Leaf Small Plant - Indoor Plant

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banana-leaf-indoor-small-plant is a valuable small indoor plant.

  • Banana Leaf small plants could be your best choice to bring a tropical touch to your personal space. These species of plants have originated from South Pacific and South-East Asia. They had been known for being one of the oldest cultivated crops. But now these days, their species generally in dwarf size, find their use as a valuable indoor plant. Banana Leaf Plants are characterized for their smooth-edged leaves, with fragile thin texture and a slightly wavy edge, they could be an attractive indoor plant selection. And in case of these Banana leaf plants, there is also the possibility that it may bloom but usually happens after a long period of time, say after 2 years.

Banana Leaf Plants are excellent air purifiers.

  • It has been proven by NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) that while keeping the Banana Leaf plant as a small indoor plant could result in good air quality in your surroundings. This is because they are best at absorbing formaldehyde coming out of electronics or laptops and it also cleans up other harmful toxins. Thus, making an excellent environment for your indoor spaces.

It consists of Medicinal values too.

  • Their leaves are highly valuable, it consists of a substance known as allantoin, which are capable of accelerating Immune system. For such ailment, you could use their decoction or serve as a tea. Intake must be at least once or twice a day. This could be highly beneficial, in terms of reducing fever and cellulite, curing sore throat and decreasing body weight. Their extract could be used to maintain your healthy scalp, hair colour and cure dandruff. Banana leaves are also high in antioxidants and could prevent micro-inflammations, degenerate diseases such as Alzheimer, dementia, atherosclerosis and cancer.

Banana Leaf Plants are in fact easy to care.

  • These small indoor plants will perform well when kept near window, where it could have bright indirect sunlight for at least 4 – 6 hours. Water them enough to keep their soil moist, but not wet. And avoid any kind of overwater. Reduce watering gradually during the winter season. The soil on which these plants are supposed to be planted must be rich, well-drained and humus-like. They mostly prefer warm temperature up to 29.44 degree Celsius. In terms of feeding, use NPK balanced fertilizer in a diluted form to ensure their healthy growth.

It’s a Pet-friendly plant.

  • None of its parts is toxic. Therefore, it is safe to keep them nearby your children or pets.

Prompt Plant Delivery.

  • Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centres, that will get your plant delivery to your door steps with free plastic pots for plants. Banana Leaf Plants could also be presented as eco-friendly gifts or green giftings to any enthusiastic green thumb individuals.