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Balcony Garden  Designs and Plants


Range of Balcony Gardens

We have a pre-set of 5 Designs that could suit your Balcony. These so-called Designs are distinct by minimum dimensions or named due to space where they are planted. For starting dimensions like 50 sq ft., 100 sq ft., 150 sq ft., designs are known to be Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire respectively. There is also a design named ‘Diamond’, which is a customized set mainly tailored according to your requirements. And there is one design which is growing with great demand these days, “Vertical Garden design”.

Well a garden at your Balcony could be made with certain choices of plants and other aesthetic elements, making your Balcony space well suited with lush green or amazing ornamental plants and light constraints, so the garden thrives naturally.

Benefits for having Balcony Gardens

Garden at your balconies could offer a unique aesthetic pleasure. Their presence could create a refreshing green space, which uplifts the overall ambience and quality of your personal spaces. It may help to improve air quality and remove toxins from your surroundings. This will in turn reduce stress, enhance good humidity, while benefiting your mental and physical health.

Why do you need to consider for your Balcony Design setup?

We have the expertise and professionals to redefine your balcony spaces and turn them into beautiful gardens, based on your wish and budget. We could also design a drip irrigation system, making your garden worry free if any water supply is not present at its nearby. We could come up with a scheduled AMC, so that our expertise could come for maintenance and your garden would remain refreshed for years. 

We could understand your needs, whether you want a vegetable garden, flower garden, outdoor living space or all that are mentioned. We will help you to choose the right plants for your site so the space is not wasted at all, and they could thrive well in the coming times. 

Our procedure starts with a visit of our executive to your site. He/She will have a look at the space, and light conditions. Then you will be suggested with the plants based on your taste and lifestyle. Later with working on design we will provide required manual labors too, enough to make your design into existence.