Why houseplants are Good for your health

Why houseplants are Good for your health -


5 Reasons! Why houseplants are Good for your health.

Having Plants grown inside homes or in offices, trends start since Victorian times. With flowering plants like Moth Orchids to flossy foliage plants like ZZ plants & Peace lilies, they were widely cultivated due to appearance especially and it looks good inside your surroundings. But now as generations keep on changing with Us as a human race getting more advanced in scientific knowledge and Liberative thoughts, reason for having houseplants has changed. Apart from great happy looks these plants also have many health factors too. Like most of them, they are excellent Air-purifier. And one main point is that most of them are even easy to care for. For further brief let's look out the following points or factors: -

Houseplants has Great looks

Planting house plants inside home or office, enhance the beauty of the surroundings. We expect our spaces like offices or homes to be more attractive or appealing and must have an inviting factor. Adding plants to your interior design would lead to bringing them with a harmonious and calm environment.

Let’s take an example, imagine in a day you are going to visit two homes consecutively. One home has perfect interior design with all beautiful ceiling and space structure and the next home does also have somewhat similar interior but in addition with many amazing looking houseplants.  

Without any question raised from anyone, you will be remembering the addition of the second house, as it was more inviting and of a happy look. And next time you ever get any chance to visit any of these homes again, surely you would choose the second one.

Houseplants Tackle with Sick Building Syndrome

Ever since the energy crisis has begun, tighter regulation has been made around the world to maximize utilization with concern of energy efficiency. To make this happen, rooms in which we are supposed to work or live, are built in more sealed form. This resulted in accumulation of chemicals or toxic contents from various electronics or materials around. And these raised many symptoms that have been noticed by humans who are using such space. Symptoms like, asthma, loss of concentration and headaches. These are mainly due to poor air quality, and are termed Sick Building Syndrome. And so, to tackle this situation many experts around the world, especially from NASA, had begun their experiment with houseplants. And they came to the conclusion that these houseplants could solve such problems by absorbing toxins and pollution inside rooms and giving out purified air releasing stress and enabling good circulation in the surrounding.

Houseplants are responsible for improving indoor Air Quality. 

They are recognized for having an ability to filter waste contents from the air such as “Bioefflurents”, which are produced by us humans when we breathe. And there is also a study concluding that rooms filled with plants are more likely to be less prone to bacteria and mold spores, when compared to ones with no plants.

It is believed that they have the ability to release phytochemicals which makes them repellent towards infections. Plants are also responsible for increasing humidity inside a room, making the environment normal for breathing and transpiration process.

Houseplants does possess Psychological values

In certain cultures, plants are acknowledged to make us feel relaxed and spiritually active. We observe certain plants or flowers being used in funerals and weddings in many traditions around the world. Even there was study that the majority of Gardeners in the UK are considered to be satisfied with life and naturally feel content. So cultivating plants in your space could improve your mental health.

A houseplant with a calm environment could also clean the air around and could lead wellbeing of the owners.

Houseplants are good for Work or Business

It is proven that planting house plants could be good fortune for working space. There is a fact behind that, as we know up till now that houseplants are responsible for air-purifying, dealing with psychological effects. They also are responsible to boost confidence and release stress during work pressure. Their presence around where you work or at Business Offices could make various positive effects.