Golden Line Le Biologiche Organic Seeds (Rucola Coltivata)

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Brief on Product: Rucola Coltivata arugula seeds.

  • These arugula seeds yield a peppery flavoured leaf, which are incredible when used as ingredients for salads and pizzas. Derived from the usage of Romans, these leaves are easy to grow, rich with nutrients like Vitamin C and helps in the absorption of iron. These arugula seeds generally get mature while planting at about 30-40 days.

Arugula seeds are easy to germinate and grow.

  • This leafy plant is easy to raise, they usually thrive in the presence of full sunlight. Water them at a moderate rate, enough to keep their soil moist, but not wet. The soil on which they are supposed to be planted must be well-drained and rich with organic content. To sight their healthy growth, ideally the temperature must be around 7.2 to 21 degree Celsius. And in terms of feeding, use any organic fertilizers. 

Health benefits involved around consumptions of Arugula Plant.

  • Mostly their yields are consumed in cooked forms, and with consumption of such veggie leaves, it may reward with certain health benefits too. They contain high content of cancer-fighting agents, fiber and phytochemicals and nutrients like calcium, potassium, folate, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin A. They also get a small amount of carbohydrates, fat, sugar and calories. Prominent benefits with their consumptions are healthy bone, tooth conditions, and strengthening muscle function. It also helps in maintaining lung, kidney and heart functions and improves immune system. Arugula Plants are mostly recommended for pregnant women, as in them during their stage folate deficiencies are commonly seen and consumption of these leafy vegetables will help them in dealing with it.

It’s a Pet-Friendly plant.

  • None of its parts are toxic. And in fact, they are healthy in consumption. Therefore, its safe to keep them around your pets or children.

Prompt Plant Delivery.

  • Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centres, that will get your plant delivery to your door steps with free plastic pots for plants. These arugula seeds could also be presented as vegan gifts or healthy substitutes to any enthusiastic health-conscious individuals. They are especially beneficial for pregnant women who are dealing with folate-deficiencies during their expecting periods.