Tropic Snow With Ceramic Pot - Dieffenbachia Seguine

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Dieffenbachia seguine is a high valued ornamental plant.

  • Dieffenbachia seguine is a tropical flowering plant species that is also widely known as Tropic Snow plant. These herbaceous plants are widely cultivated as ornamental plants, mostly as houseplants, and have become naturalized on a few tropical islands. Dieffenbachia seguine is characterized with their appearance by having straight stem, simple and alternate leaves with white spots and flecks, making them attractive as indoor foliage. These are broad-leaved foliage plants with much thicker succulent stems. They also find themselves adaptable with different kinds of lighting conditions. With all these qualities and easy to care conditions, these plants are perfect for living decorations at home or office. And are widely cultivated as houseplants and commonly used in interior landscaping in UAE or Dubai.

Dieffenbachia seguine is an excellent air purifier.

  • It has been proven by NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration) that while keeping the Dieffenbachia Seguine (Aka Tropic snow plant) as an indoor plant could result in good air quality in your surroundings. This is because they are best at absorbing formaldehyde coming out of electronics or laptops and it also cleans up other harmful toxins. Thus, making an excellent environment for your indoor spaces.

Dieffenbachia seguine is an easy to care plant and requires low-maintenance.

  • This plant will perform well when kept in presence of indirect bright light or artificial bright light. Water them thoroughly in Summer and reduce it in winter and rainy seasons. Before applying water, check their soil dryness, by poking your finger or plain stick to the soil to check the dryness of topsoil (2 – 5 cm). The soil on which they are supposed to be planted must be well-drained, fertile and rich with organic content. Ideal temperature at these plants perform well is 18 to 23 degree Celsius. In terms of feeding, use any organic fertilizers to ensure their healthy growth.

Dieffenbachia seguine consists of some uses in medical treatments.

  • Although Dieffenbachia Seguine (Aka Tropic snow plant) are highly toxic, they do come in many uses for medical purposes while by applying externally (not by ingestion). Their sap could be used as an antidote against snakebites or to treat gout, rheumatism, tumours and warts. And their seed oil could be used to treat burns, inflammations and wounds.

It’s not a Pet-friendly plant.

  • Entire parts of this plant are poisonous, due to the content, calcium oxalate crystals in them. Any kind of ingestion, would lead to intense burning sensation inside mouth, lips, tongues and even some symptoms like excessive drooling or difficulty in swallowing could occur. Therefore, it’s not safe to keep them nearby children or pets.

Prompt Plant Delivery.

  • Plants World is an exclusive plant shop among Dubai garden centres, that will get your plant delivery to your door steps with free plastic pots for plants. Dieffenbachia Seguine (Aka Tropic snow plant) could also be presented as eco-friendly gifts or green giftings to any enthusiastic green thumb individuals.